App for Customer Registration

The Jarbas has a complete customer registration sheet with photo, contact and address: the way most easy to relate with your customers before, during and after a sale. Contain the purchase history to customize even more the support.

Made for you

We develop each feature of Jarbas thinking in you, entrepreneur.

Histórico de compras

Identify the profile of your customers and direct your offers.

Customer Registration

Have all the data of your customer at your reach.

Import Contacts

Save time by importing your contacts.

Customer Registration

The Customer Registration of Jarbas is fast, easy and was created to meet the daily needs of the small businessman. It is based on this registration that you can understand better the habits of the purchase of each customer, send digital receipts of your purchases via WhatsApp and share special offers based on your interests.

Import Contacts

We know that playing a business is not easy, and is therefore not would not like to pass hours registering customer by customer. Save time by importing the contacts of your cell phone and the Jarbas makes the instant registration of each one of them.

Purchase History

Know who purchases, when purchases and what purchases is valuable for those who seek to increase their sales, because these information allow you to offer the products and services that the clients most want or need. Besides, you can identify the profile of your customers to attract new consumers with promotions and offers.



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  • Stock Control
  • Customer Control
  • Point of Sales


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  • Finance Control
  • Billing Management

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