Online and in-store orders management

The ideal app for controlling orders of small businesses. Lance orders in the counter, on the table and on the Internet. Map the preparation process and bring more harmony to your team.

Made for you

We develop each feature of Jarbas thinking in you, entrepreneur.

Work with Delivery

Configure your payment methods and delivery.

Point of Sales

Lance your orders from any place, on the cell phone.

Online Orders

Receive orders from the Internet through the online catalog.

Lance orders in the counter and table

We create one of the simplest and most efficient solutions for control of orders in the market. It is possible to launch orders in seconds with just a touch of a few buttons.
The order system of Jarbas works this way:
Your collaborators touch on the items chosen, if necessary, identify or register the customer and add observations or instructions about the order.
And if you want to discard the use of attendants, it is also possible to provide a QR CODE or link so your customers can make orders through their smartphones, without the need of assistance.

Control orders coming from the Internet

The items registered also can be available in your site of orders of Jarbas, so that your customers can make remote orders for pick up or delivery. Whenever a order is made by the site, a notification is sent to the connected devices to start the preparation as soon as possible.

Map the production process

The Jarbas helps you to keep an organized and transparent operation through personalized status.

It is possible, for example, to map the preparation of an order with status as "order accepted", "order being prepared" or "order ready to be taken away".

This way, the responsible for each stage will be in harmony, and your customers will be kept informed about the progress, avoiding thus communication failures.



  • Order Control
  • Stock Control
  • Customer Control
  • Point of Sales


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  • Everything Basic +
  • Online Catalog
  • Finance Control
  • Billing Management

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