Complete Point of Sale System for Your Business

A point of sale online system is a platform for online sales where the retailer exposes the products and the customers make the purchase. The online point of sale Jarbas allows a greater control over products, customers and payments. With it, the management of your business is in the palm of your hand. The point of sale for tablet and smartphone with which you always dreamed!

Made for you

We develop each feature of Jarbas thinking in you, entrepreneur.

Online sales and social networks

Use the Online Catalog to expand your business through the internet and social networks.

Sales control

Sales and orders control by application, simple and easy to use.

Stock control and products

Complete registration for products with stock movement.

Sales and orders control by system

The Jarbas is a complete point of sale (PDV) system for those who want to modernize and efficiency in the time of managing a business.

More than just a sales system, it allows to make order management, customer management and payment management, integrate your online catalog or digital menu to the social networks, flexibilize payment methods, emit receipts to print or send by e-mail or WhatsApp and much more.

The Jarbas is an application front desk that works on smartphones. It has an online point of sale that integrates stock control, customer registration and automatic generation of statistical billing. All in one place!

Online sales on the site and social networks

The sales system by cell phone Jarbas allows you to create an online catalog for you to show, offer and sell your products on the internet.

Besides operating as a virtual vitrine of your brand, it allows the integration with Facebook and Instagram, making your products available for direct order through the social networks.

And you can expand even more your activity by integrating your catalog to Google Shopping. Opportunity to bill is what is missing.

Customer control

The Jarbas point of sale app helps you to register all your customers in the system and access these information in seconds whenever you need it.

The program has a complete sheet with photo, contact, address and even history of purchases. It is ideal to know what each person buys with you, offer a more personalized service and get out in front of the competition.

To increase the chances of customer loyalty, offer more convenience in the time of payment. With our point of sale system, you create personalized receipts with your logo, information of the establishment and customer data. Then, it's just to print the receipts or send them by e-mail or WhatsApp.



  • Order Control
  • Stock Control
  • Customer Control
  • Point of Sales


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  • Everything Basic +
  • Online Catalog
  • Finance Control
  • Billing Management

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