App for product registration

The Jarbas is an application for free product registration with stock control and sales control. With it, you register all your products with photo, cost price, quantity and more!

Made for you

We develop each feature of Jarbas thinking in you, entrepreneur.

Stock control

Entry and exit of products in real time, with tracking history.

Complete product registration

Put information like: name, price, cost price, category, observation.

Organized by categories

Organize your products by categories and sub-categories, unlimited.

Complete product registration

The quick product registration of Jarbas is very simple. By just a few buttons, you add data as photo, cost price, quantities in stock and other observations.

You can launch new items in the program using just your cell phone. A complete tool for you to have more agility, efficiency and success in your business.

Digitalize your business right now, starting with online product registration.

  • Product registration with photo
  • Quantities in stock
  • Registration of fractionated products (in kilos, liters or meters)
  • Product organization by category

    The Jarbas was developed to guarantee the quick access to your products even at the busiest times.

    When registering products by categories, you can create groups of items according to type, size, color or material of each one. You define how to do this division and name the segments as you wish.

    You also can make markings by colors, improving even more the identification of products. A simple and practical way to optimize your activities.

  • Product registration by category
  • Possibility to create sub-categories
  • Quick search of products by category
  • Control of product stock

    The Jarbas is not only an app for registering products. It is a complete control of stock management with resources created to modernize the management of your business.

    From any cell phone Android or iPhone, you have access to incredible features that will make all the difference in the time of handling the activities of the stall of your company.

  • Stock movements history
  • Stored quantities report
  • Minimum stock alert
  • Quick stock adjustment
  • Plans


    • Order Control
    • Stock Control
    • Customer Control
    • Point of Sales


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    • Everything Basic +
    • Online Catalog
    • Finance Control
    • Billing Management

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