Sell on credit and don't lose more customers

With Jarbas you set up your installment plan and sell much more. Control installments, interest, fines and more.
In addition, Jarbas helps you set up your collection routes and you don't have to waste time on it anymore.

Made for you

We develop each feature of Jarbas thinking in you, entrepreneur.

Sell more

Build customer loyalty by offering installment options and selling more.


Management of sales installments, with control of interest and fines, in a simple and fast way.

Unified management

See and control all installments of all sales on a single screen of the application.

Easy installment

The Jarbas allows the complete management of sales in installments. You can register the installments, receive the payments and monitor the status of each one of them.

Enough of the notebook and Excel. With Jarbas, you have everything organized and in one place.

When making a sale you need only to choose the number of installments and the due date of the first installment. The Jarbas automatically calculates the due dates of the other installments and the value of each one of them.

Unified management

Lots of sales is a sign that your business is doing well. But it's also a sign that you need a lot of organization to keep everything up to date. And no one deserves to have to look for an order note on paper, right?

With Jarbas, you have all this unified in one place. All installments, from all your sales, are organized in the same place. So you know exactly everything you have to receive on the day or what is pending.

And you can still write off or update the installment right there, without having to look for the original order.

Billing routes

Have you ever needed to charge an installment and didn't know who the customer was? Or did you need to charge an installment and didn't know what the value was? Got lost with the addresses or wandered around?

Count on Jarbas to help you with this task. With Jarbas you can generate collection routes with the best route and have all the information you need effortlessly.

Jarbas tracks the progress of the route and allows for real-time updates. You can mark installments as paid, change the amount, add notes and much more.



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  • Customer Control
  • Point of Sales


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